100+ Members of Congress Just Called For An Investigation of Trump’s Sexual Assault

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Over 100 Democrats are formally calling on the Oversight Committee to investigate the many sexual harassment accusations against President Trump.

Rep. Lois Frankel says 100+ Dems want the Oversight Committee to investigate accusations against Trump.

“#MeToo is saying loud and clear that accusations of sexual abuse should be taken seriously,” said Rep. Louis Frankel (D-FL) in a statement today. “Victims must be heard, perpetrators must be held accountable, and all parties should have an opportunity for a fair resolution. To date, more than 17 women have publicly come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

“Forced kissing, unwanted touching, and groping on an airplane, in a corporate office, in a pageant dressing room. The president tweets denials and his press secretary comes out to say the matter has been litigated. Which is why over a hundred Democrats and incidentally this letter… was initially sent by 59 — an overwhelming number of the women of our caucus — and the men have insisted that they join us. We have over a hundred members now and that number is rising.”

The Democrats have themselves recently made headlines when they successfully encouraged Sen. Al Franken to resign after accusations of sexual misconduct were leveled against him. Now they are encouraging a congressional investigation to look into the GOP’s most high profile accused sexual offender.

“Simply said, Americans deserve the truth,” Frankel said.

Video of the Democrats’ announcement can be viewed here:

This article was published on Reverepress.com

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