Border Patrol Arrests College Instructor for Giving Water to Immigrants

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An Instructor at Arizona State University was arrested by border patrol police yesterday while volunteering.

Scott Daniel Warren was charged with federal harboring for providing food and water to immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The arrest came hours after the volunteer group Warren was with posted videos online of patrol officers kicking over water bottles left for immigrants. Arizona State University confirmed to a local news outlet that Warren currently teaches an online environmental studies course at the school.

“Mr. Warren was not acting in his capacity as an ASU employee at the time of the alleged incident and we have no reason to believe it will impact his ability to fulfill his current duty with the university,” a university spokesperson told the local news affiliate in a statement via email.

Crossing the border from Mexico has become even more dangerous under the Trump Administration. The United Nations reported last year that migrant deaths at the border increased by 17 percent. Warren is a member of the group, No More Deaths, aimed at providing food and water to immigrants on the brink of starvation and death from the journey into the United States. The Guardian characterized the group as “a coalition of religious organizations, human rights advocates and individuals who provide food, water and medical assistance to immigrants crossing the Arizona desert from Mexico.”

Under Trump, border patrol and ICE have become increasingly ruthless and inhumane. A group member refrained from calling the arrest of Warren retaliation, but noted there is an escalation of criminalizing humanitarian aid workers under the Trump Administration.

A Fulbright Scholar and Denver Law Professor noted on Twitter, “The complaint charging Scott Daniel Warren makes him sound like Jesus Christ: feeding and clothing poor people. To the Justice Department, that’s also grounds for a criminal prosecution.”

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