Evangelical Leaders Suddenly Worried About The Political Ramifications Of Trump’s Stormy Daniels Affair

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The Republican Party controls all three branches of government and when the midterm elections come in November, they want it to stay that way. President Trump still maintains an incredibly loyal and strong base, but some party leaders still worry that his antics may have had negative effects on the party. Evangelical Christian community leaders, for instance, are calling together a meeting with President Trump, set for this June, where the topic of discussion will be discussing how Trump’s various sex scandals are affecting the Evangelical Republican base.

Leaders of faith in the Republican community are expressing concern with what these scandals may do to voter turnout. Controlling all three branches allows the party to dictate a lot of what goes through the House and Senate. Trump can block any bipartisan legislation that his base might dislike. If the legislature is flipped in the midterm elections, the Republican party could lose this powerful stance.

The Stormy Daniels affair and the ensuing coverup are just one of many allegations that the president has faced over his sexual conduct. He was very responsive to these allegations while on the campaign trail, but as president, he has been more reserved. Trump has been almost entirely silent on the Stormy Daniels topics, a markedly different approach than his usual, boisterous self. Prior to his presidential bid, he would pretend to be his own representative in order to brag about his sexual behavior. Reports say Trump’s lawyers paid Daniels 130,000 dollars to keep quiet about the affair. President Trump denied any knowledge.

More than 80 percent of white evangelicals voted for Trump. They knew that they were voting for a man who admitted he doesn’t go to church, had been married three times, and talked brazenly about sexual misconduct on the Acess Hollywood tape. He offered a great deal of opportunity, such as his support for Neil Gorsuch, a pro-life Supreme Court justice. The Supreme Court will soon face its first major abortion case in the Trump era and that outcome will most likely play into how Trump is viewed by his religious base. Whether or not the Republican party is in jeopardy because of the Trump administration won’t be known for sure until the midterm election results are known. Until then, the religious leaders in their party will be doing their best to ensure the political success of President Trump.

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