A Florida shooting survivor just humiliated Alex Jones in epic Twitter battle

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One of the more unfortunate quirks of the Trump era is the way in which formerly fringe voices have infected the mainstream political discourse.

No person is more emblematic of this systemic degradation than Alex Jones, the professional liemonger and conspiracy theory peddler behind the execrable Infowars. Donald Trump himself has appeared on Jones’s show demonstrating that the lunatics really are running the asylum or, in this case, the White House.

Jones has come under intense criticism in the past for arguing that the horrific Sandy Hook shooting was a false flag attack carried out by the government and involving so-called crisis actors to sell the event on national television.

The Hill previously reported that the Infowars Youtube channel was on the verge of being banned after publishing videos that David Hogg, one of the shooting survivors, was a crisis actor.

Today, Hogg and Jones got into a rather entertaining feud on Twitter. It started with Hogg taking a couple much-deserved potshots at Jones. His first barrage properly identified Jones as a “shit journalist.” Hogg then called the serial liar out for peddling lies about shooting survivors in the past.



Jones responded in a surprisingly contrite fashion, saying that he would like to interview Hogg.


The bloviating conman then went on a pathetic tweetstorm, begging Hogg to help him get his Youtube channel back up. Apparently, it had been frozen for spreading fake news.

There is a distinct pleasure in seeing a man like this, who has profited off of deranged stories about past shootings, reduced to a blubbering digital mess. As is so often the case with parasites like Alex Jones, he was quick to eject his dignity when faced with real, monetary consequences for his behavior.

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