Former KKK Grand Wizard Says Trump’s Comment ‘Restores a Lot of Love In Us’

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After President Donald Trump made several racist remarks during a White House meeting on Thursday about certain countries and their citizen, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle and abroad spoke out against his comments.

During a meeting on immigration policy, Trump had referred to Haiti, El Salvador and several African countries as a “shithole” and singled out Haiti, asking why the U.S. would “need more Haitians” and to “take them out (of the immigration bill).”

The remarks were sharply condemned by Senator Dick Durbin, who attended the meeting, and by a Republican Congresswoman who is Haitian American. The Haitian government demanded that a U.S. diplomatic official appear before them to explain the president’s racist remarks.

But not everyone was upset by what Trump said. Neo-Nazis on the Daily Stormer website said the statement was “encouraging and refreshing.” They noted that Trump was “on the same page” as them.

Former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke, a well-known white supremacist and Trump supporter, has also commended the president for the remarks.

“Just as the most ardent Trump supporters were about to give up on him in despair — he restores a lot of love in us by saying blunt but truthful things that no other President in our lifetime would dare say!” Duke tweeted on Friday. “NO DACA! NO COMPROMISE – NO Sh**thole America! Hail Trump!”

Even though the White House did not deny Trump’s racist comments after news of them first broke, the president tried to deny saying anything about Haiti, but said he used “tough” language during the meeting. It was reported that after the meeting, Trump called friends outside of the White House to gauge their reaction to his language and whether it would resonate with his base.

Clearly, it did.



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