Hillary Clinton Supporter Proposes Falsely Accusing Bernie Sanders Of Sexual Assault

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A Hillary Clinton supporter upset about Al Franken’s resignation from the Senate tweeted Friday morning a suggestion that eight women should falsely accuse Bernie Sanders of sexual harassment to boot him out of office, and promptly got roasted by horrified social media users from across the political spectrum.

In the original post, twitter user @gabyfane – whose Twitter bio boasts #StillWithHer – wrote “So who’s ready to be an Anonymous caller to say Bernie grabbed my waist during a selfie? All we need is 8 and we can push him out. #AlFranken”

The response from Twitter was one of universal outrage from Sanders, Clinton, and even some Trump supporters.

Fane followed up her tweet by writing “I’m sorry but I don’t think the things @SenFranken was accused of were the sexual assault and a few of the accusers were anonymous. I know you Bernie’s like to think things have always been the same but 10ys ago things were different.”

Fane later said that she was attempting to make a point in defense of Franken, and not to actually accuse Sanders. Regardless, believers in the #MeToo movement said the comment was an attack on sexual assault victims everywhere.

Fane has since changed her account so that her tweets cannot be viewed by the public.

In the aftermath of Fane’s Sanders-focused tweet being shared and harshly criticized by other users on Twitter , Fane protected her account–meaning her tweets are now no longer publicly accessible.

This article was published on Reverepress.com

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