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18th Amendment to Rulers, Politicians and the Public


The country is worried about anyone … No! Be it the power crisis or the problem of inflation, our politicians are shining their shop. Politicians, politicians here, I see people in the same situation. Be it home, party, office, or public place, everyone is exposed to political discourse. Although it is not that people are not finished at all, it is not just that people have got used to it.

How many clauses are in the 18th Amendment?

Drone strikes in the country or war against so-called terrorism and fire have taken place, no opportunity is given to shine politics. Our culture has become politics and polishing – Or, as politics is our national sport, one thing is the importance of the issue at least in the debate over various issues. It is different whether they are problems or not.

And this phenomenon is not old in Pakistan, it is happening here. Rakim has no complaint with politicians because they are the mirror of society and come from us. They have heard that the rulers and the leadership comes just as people do. We just keep chanting slogans and processions and don’t change our lives. So how it possible is that change will come? The rulers are busy devoting their valuable lives to saving their chairs and in defying ourselves against them. This is the tragedy of every person in our society.

What do the 18th and 21st amendments teach us about the role of states in policy considerations?

After the National Assembly, on April 15, 2010, the Senate unanimously approved the 18th Amendment, even to the desperate and disgruntled politicians of the country, including the entire Pakistani nation, who breathed a sigh of relief and chains on the 17th Amendment itself. Was considered like a bird in a hunter’s cage. Being imprisoned, this hunter turned water on all the freedoms of his freedom. As if their freedom had been exhausted and they were unable to fly even by the wings.

What was banned during Prohibition?

And as the countrymen of the country today pity them for their plight, we have here the abolition of the 17th Amendment created by the dictators coming from different periods in the country. Restored. For which the leaders of all the major political and religious parties of the country, including the entire Pakistani nation, are also deserving of congratulations, whose hard work and struggle has given the nation the privilege of seeing this day that it has achieved its independence. And once again for sovereignty, they have reached the realm of constitution and customs. For which the patriotic politicians of the nation and the country have long been keen to revive it, that only 1973 constitution of the country be restored soon and with the approval of the 18th Amendment, 47 Let the spheres move freely to the provinces, on which the dictators have planted and distorted its original spirit. But today the whole Pakistani nation has grown up, that after the approval of the 18th Amendment in the country, the nation has got rid of it by suppressing the seventeenth amendment and now according to the Constitution of 1973 the progress and prosperity of the country and the nation.

Major arguments against prohibition

Indeed, April 15, 2010 was not only a day of joy and happiness for every Pakistani living in the country but also for every Pakistani living in every region of the world, it must have been a day of happiness and happiness. Even when he is away from his country of Pakistan, his craving and the breath of his homeland will be etched in his breath. Even when this approach to the 18th Amendment and the restoration of the 1973 constitution has arrived in Pakistan, it is surely in his heart. Because a Pakistani living in a far-off country can express his love for his country other than that, it is also good to love his country as a way of expressing his feelings and this Pakistani has been a foreigner. I would have paid the right to be a Pakistani while I was here.

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