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Dead Afghan reconciliation process likely to survive?

The end of the Afghan reconciliation process has re-connected through the backdoor channel in Afghanistan. After a temporary suspension of Afghan peace and reconciliation between the Afghan Taliban and the United States, prisoners exchanged in the name of confidence-building are underway. The release of key Afghan Taliban leaders November 19 confirmed these expectations. The exchange of prisoners has raised hopes that the peace process between the US and the Afghan Taliban can begin soon.

What has happened in Afghanistan since 2001?

The Ghani administration and Pakistani authorities claim that the key Afghan leaders have played a key role in the exchange of abducted foreign professors and Afghan soldiers. However, the Afghan Taliban has issued a statement in this regard. According to the Central Spokesman, “There was a positive move regarding the release of the three Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate Anas Haqqani, Haji Mali Khan and Hafiz Abdul Rasheed. US and Timothy Wax Australian citizens) and the release of ten Afghan soldiers successfully completed. All of these actions are a great step towards goodwill and confidence-building, which can contribute to the reconciliation process. Thank you to Mr. Amir, Foreign Minister and other officials, who have continuously struggled since the beginning of this process. And provided the necessary facilities”.

Is the Talban Still Active in Afghanistan?

Pakistan has played a vital role in the release of these prisoners, hopefully this step will increase the confidence of the stakeholders in the Afghan peace process. We hope that this development will increase the confidence of the parties and they will return to the peace process. Pakistan is firmly committed to assisting in this peace process. “King and Wex were kidnapped outside Kabul’s” American University of Afghanistan “in August 2016. One of the earliest professors is Kevin King from the US and other Timothy Wax is from Australia. The two taught at the American University in the Afghan capital, Kabul. About a year later, they released a video in which they requested US President Donald Trump take steps to release him. And key Taliban prisoners were released, including Haqqani. The three released prisoners were brought to Afghanistan after being arrested in foreign countries.

Role of America   

After US President Trump declared the Afghan reconciliation process dead, the international community, including Pakistan, expressed reservations that the US president did not want to act in a hurry. US President Trump wanted to make a date in Camp David on the style of the deal between Egypt and Israel, but the timing of the agreement was put in place when the 9/11 event occurred 18 years ago and the American people were called to the national mourning day. As we celebrate. The US Establishment also expressed resentment at the US president’s opposition to the secret program, and under his pressure, the US president merged all diplomatic efforts in a year of anger and humiliation.

Agreement of Doha

However, the process of signing the agreement in Doha was pending after which the inter-Afghan negotiations were to take place. Certainly the Afghan presidential elections would have been disastrous at that time, because all the candidates in the 03 candidates who participated in the election were absolutely convinced that a regular agreement between the United States and the Afghan Taliban was in the process, so to participate in the presidential campaign.

However, the Ghani administration has shown great urgency in using this opportunity to its advantage, and has succeeded in undermining President Trump that if the United States does not succeed in making room for him in the future government, he will end the Afghan reconciliation process. Will not even succeed. It can be inferred that when the Afghan Taliban delegation agreed to come regularly for a visit to Pakistan, the Ghani administration issued a two-pronged message that if the Pakistani Prime Minister invited the Afghan Taliban, The so-called separatists of Balochistan will reach India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This attempt at peace was sabotaged by the Ghani administration and the Afghan Taliban could not come to Pakistan at the time when Saudi Arabia was also in Pakistan.

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