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Why Silence On Blackwater’s Suspicious Activities?

Blackwater is the world’s largest, richest, deadliest and most powerful mercenary army, which controls its operations from the United States. It is such a powerful organization that even the world’s only superpower has no control over it, though it has always supported the US military around the world.

It recruits retired military officers, villains and criminals from around the world for their operations. This army of mercenaries specifically targets the poorer countries of Asia and Africa to mobilize wealth. She works as an NGO and welfare organization in poor countries and recruits people in the name of sending them to America, the land of dreams.

It always reaches out to countries affected by natural disasters, but chooses strong people and gives them jobs. Iraq is just one example of this, where he recruited the Iraqi people and used them against his own people. The Iraqis are well aware of this devilish organization, and in Fallujah they killed Blackwater agents and hung their bodies at the banks of the Euphrates River. These agents were acting as food contractors.

Battle of the government and the judiciary

Blackwater has now successfully sailed into Pakistan, which has established centers across the country. Earlier, its operations were secret in nature, but last year, the people of Pakistan heard a lot about its activities. Over time, people became lost in the battle of the government and the judiciary, which continues till now.

A recent letter from the Federal Ministry of Interior reveals Blackwater’s presence in Pakistan. Despite the fact that the concerned departments are aware of Blackwater’s activities, they have been reluctant to take any legal action against the illegal security firm or have quieted down.

Risk and Security Management

According to a senior Federal Interior Ministry official, Blackwater is active in Pakistan under the name of Risk and Security Management (RSM). RSM is in fact an American company with headquarters located in Ridgetop, Circle Dallas. The company is led by Michael Blythe, who served in the British Army for 14 years as a Marine Commando. He settled in the United States after marrying a former US military officer. He has been associated with the private security business over the last 18 years.

Bilith established an operational base in Pakistan, while according to a letter from the Federal Ministry of Interior, he is working under the shadow of Chemonics, a partner of an American NGO FIRMS (firms). In Pakistan, he is working for the purpose of increasing exports, providing job opportunities for more people and providing value-added products and services.

The objectives under this project are to be achieved at the policy level while working with business sectors and individual firms to improve the productivity and competitiveness in the 20th Century of the rapidly developing world. Status is indented. It has also been given more than Rs 7.63 billion under the Kerry Lugar relief package.

Constitution and Rules

Blythe hired a young Pakistani Shahbaz for his operations in Pakistan, who went to England to study but became associated with the security business. He now gathers intelligence from across Pakistan for Bilith. Shahbaz has also hired some officers facing court martial for his operations in Pakistan.

When RSM failed to obtain permission to operate as a company in Pakistan, it hired the services of two local security companies in exchange for huge promotions. It also signed agreements with these local security companies without the NOC from the Federal Ministry of Interior. It has established its head office in Lahore and its regional offices in various provincial capitals. Using his influence, he also sailed in remote areas of southern Punjab and started working as a welfare NGO in the name of chemonics. To them, what is the status of Pakistan’s constitution and rules? It can be inferred that he did not hesitate to seek clarification from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

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