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Mumbai Hotel Attacks, Who Was Involved

In November 2008, the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai was attacked by an armed gang and India imposed the usual charge on Pakistan’s head. Indian media screamed at Ajmal Kasab and his colleagues on the maritime route. In India, if someone touches a needle then it is not the case for Pakistan and ISI to be blamed. But sadly, his media even searched Ajmal Kasab’s house, family and address in Okara district, on television. Also show scenes from the house and the cows.

Who was the mastermind of Mumbai Hotel Attack?

Some anonymous columnists like myself and I used to speak and write that there was a lot of swing in the play, but the media, even many of our so-called rustic politicians, put the blame on Pakistan and gave evidence of “friendship”. Before us, our Interior Minister, Mr. Rehman Malik, planned and traveled with Ajmal Kasab and his colleagues before the incident so that everyone felt this happening in front of their eyes. There can be no great example of our patriotism and national patriotism, but at this time the fever of hope of friendship and peace and the attempt to please the neighbor did not show any national interest or good for the country. Anonymous and anonymous were cared for.

Investigations and cleanups

Media anchors were compiling their own reports and conducting some analysis such as to prove Pakistan guilty in any case, following reports, investigations and cleanups of intelligence agencies and intelligence agencies. To speak of great journalism. Now when a secretary of India, Satish Verma, made a statement in court that the Mumbai attacks were carried out by India because it had to strengthen the laws against terrorism and before that the attack on Parliament was India’s own conspiracy but the hanging was Afzal Guru. In retaliation, the Supreme Court of India, the justice of the great democracy, admitted that it could not prove any allegation against the peaceable person but it was executed under public pressure, ie, a higher instance of justice.

What happened in Hotel Mumbai in 2008?

There will be confession of innocence and even death sentence, and surprisingly, there is no human rights law. The tragedy did not speak any of our own organization, nor did any of our personalities say why an innocent man was killed because he was killed in the name of Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistan and ISI and all these names. Not a favorite for organizations. This is not an incident in which India used its own citizens and then killed them in the name of Pakistan, though often it did so with its Muslim citizens, but wherever it was needed Hindus were used as well as Sikhs. The blame was put on Pakistan with great ease.

Media Act on This Hotel Attack

On September 8, 2001, several blasts were carried out in Ma Liga in Nashik district of Maharashtra, which according to various reports killed 30 to 40 people and injured about 125. Nine Muslim youths, who have been in jail for a year, have been arrested in connection with the blasts. Recently, four Hindus have been arrested who are believed to be the main culprits. Then, for the crime of twelve years in prison, will any minority rights organization or personality or anchor like to speak on it. Some incidents need to be described here or in the news, and in another such incident, on June 15, 2004, Ahmedabad police arrested Ishrat Jahan, a nineteen-year-old young girl, who was shot in the head with three other men and alleged to be Lashkar works for Tayyab.

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