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The United States and India are fighting Israeli interests around the world

US strongly criticizes UN report on Israeli aggression on Gaza. US refuses to acknowledge Israeli military aggression on Gaza. Is the Islamic nation already a bit insensitive and disturbed by the very existence of the United States and its grandparents that the United States has now begun to adopt its lapel child Israel to consolidate its weakening grip on its rule over the world and especially in Muslim countries? And now it is possible for America to play an active role in strengthening the grip that Israel is weakening over the world that has been entrenched in torture to the whole world and Muslim countries for centuries.

That he has understood that two are better than one, and that is why America has given Israel the whole world and the hair. The Suns have taught to such a degree that in their control of the United States, today, a genuine student of America called the arrogant child of the United States of America has also cut off the ear of his teacher (the United States), claiming his rightful disciple. And that is why Israel has kept its eyes on the Muslim today with its movements while in the United States of America, and the United States and India closed their eyes in the face of a clever owl on their behavior with the Islamic nation. They are leaving Israel uncontrollable and leaving it open to the destruction of the Muslim.

United States and India War

Although the Muslim has taken too long to recognize and conclude that the United States and India are waging a war of Israeli interests around the world, and that the United States, which is the contractor of the whole world, will now appoint Israel as its successor with the key cooperation of India. Has also planned. Yet, it is regrettable here that even after knowing this, they has not persuaded the United States and India to openly declare it to make America and India believe. Why these two countries, in the eyes of the Muslim, are backed up in every case by a controversial country like Israel and even push their heels to justify every wrong statement.

UN Human Rights Council

For example, if it is taken that “the United Nations is facing severe criticism from the United States over Israeli reporting of war crimes in Gaza” the news is that the US Secretary of State’s spokesman Ian Kelly issued a statement in Washington last week calling for the United Nations to criticize the United States for issuing a report on Israeli war crimes in the Gaza war. During the crowded press conference, the UN Human Rights Council (Human Rights Council) was last seen in Gaza. The Golden Stone Mission was set up for the El-22-day Israeli offensive, the longest (Goldstone) report prepared by the Israeli military’s crimes on the basis of the numerous US security concerns on that occasion.

Stone and his colleagues openly accuse them of saying that they have violated the UN the Human Rights Council has unilaterally used a mandate that is exclusively against Israel. An Israeli-backed press conference by American spokeswoman Ian Kelly in which he has presented a neutral report against Israel’s aggression at the UN Gaza, and is also slated to make US spokesman Ian Kelly neutral. He has no choice but to start a series of open protests against the US and Israeli alliance after the US-backed pro-US statement and press conference around the world.

UN Security Council

While at that crowded press conference, the spokesman for the US-Israeli pro-Foreign Office, Ian Kelly, criticized Richard Goldstone’s appeal to the UN Security Council and other entities to prompt action on the report, saying that Israel I already have democratic institutions that can investigate the Israeli military’s alleged crimes in Gaza better than any other country team. Thus, the US spokeswoman has rejected the UN report on Dinka’s injury, pointing to another institution in Israel.

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