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London Plan, 14 Murders and Frauds

The United States is anti-Imran, all political parties are also chanting democracy and throwing their will and sincerity in fact. While the army has taken a two-pronged stance that we cannot afford to support either party, and even in the words of the script, it is clear and clear that this is a false and baseless propaganda. And Governor Punjab says that Mian Sahib has good relations with the British Prime Minister and he cannot be part of any government-wide conspiracy. So who’s behind this London plan?

The answer is simple and straightforward, which may be sloppy and bitter for the PML-N but they have no choice but to digest it, whether they digest it or not, but the tragedy of Model Town is a Muslim fact on June 17. Mountains of cruelty were broken down by 14 people in a day’s death and nearly 100 people were badly injured by brutal torture. In the civilized world, as in the bloody white day, blood can be seen in the civilized world, rarely seen or heard. In a civilized world, the rights of animals are protected. In fact, it is not permissible to compare them with the leaders of a decent or well-developed nation. They should meet with people like Saddam and Hussein Mubarak.

Are Most Murders Premeditated?

Whoever admits, I don’t think the election of 65 is in any way transparent. Can any conscious person explain to me how the defeat of Ayub Khan to Fatima Jinnah, the mother of the nation? Could it not be that the makers of Pakistan cannot win an election in this Pakistan?? Imran Khan is the molly of a farm when mass mutilation can be defeated through a systematic rigging? The same thing has happened to Imran Khan, which has been happening for decades in every election. In such a case, what would Khan have done if he did not raise a rebellion against his rights? Where to go? Who do you freak out about? While tired of following all the legal paths, he took the same step that he had given the Indians the next day of the election, that is, if the government conducts four constituencies’ investigations and election reforms, then we will go out on the streets and we will ensure our constitutional demands are met through protests.

Fraud Police Investigation

The poor who, like me, still do not understand who is behind the whole game, know that the root of all this trouble is the League itself, who, after receiving power, will be swept away by the plundering wealth of the country. Banks have squeezed the footsteps of the nation, which has kept every one of its views, also dragged Asif Ali Zardari Sahib and also acted on the poem of Hazrat Allama Iqbal who was condemned in the speech of Mian Sahib. The mummies used to tell the public that they were being manipulated

O Tahir Lahoti, death is good with this provision Lack of flight from where it comes from.

The Election Commission reforms, then what is the point?

I do not know for sure how long they will keep spreading. But one thing is certain that after borrowing $ 57 billion from IMF, Mian Sahib broke the bank.

Now if Tahir-ul-Qadri and Imran Khan talk about the rule of law and the Election Commission reforms, then what is the point? The downside is that it will improve the system and that their glucose can no longer run. Then their democratic pursuits will be silenced and businesses opened in the name of democracy will cease. The next Nora wrestling game will also be closed, then the thieves with the windows will lock on the gates.

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