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Maharashtra: Hail Falls as We Head

By the time Bal Thackeray launched Shiv Sena, he was a fan of Hitler and an enemy of the election. Later, he stepped in the election field with a formula of 10 percent politics and 90 percent service people. They probably knew what the end of that would be. Today, Shiv Sena commits 20% politics and 80% social service, but the situation is inconsistent. Twenty years ago, when Sharad Pawar’s self-esteem for the first time won Shiv Sena in the chair of power, Thackeray made a move that was even conceived here. He made his most loyal man Manohar Joshi the Chief Minister. This has never happened in Maharashtra before, but Bal Thackeray thought he would do it. He thought of the end only when it was his intention to go to jail or to come to mind without having to say anything passively.

Inauguration of Manohar Joshi

At the inauguration of Manohar Joshi, the self-proclaimed Principal of the Kohinoor Institute, Thackeray had addressed the Shiv Sennikas and said that if the Chief Minister does not work for you, I will kick him on his waist. No such Maratha leader tolerates such humiliation, but Manohar Joshi drank that cup of poison. This is a characteristic of the Brahmin community, leaning towards the powerful. Mohan Bhagwat does this in front of the Prime Minister too. After four years, Thackeray realized that this loyal soldier of the house would play day and night, but could not win again. One reason for this is the small population of Brahmins in Maharashtra and the other is the feelings of hatred that prevail within other sections against them, which they have earned by their own hands. In addition, it is difficult for brides who consider themselves to be inferior to other classes.

Narayan Rane the Chief Minister of Maratha

Bal Thackeray made Narayan Rane the Chief Minister of Maratha society instead of Joshi. Their choice was wrong. If he trusted Chhagan Bhujbal, then perhaps Shiv Sena would not be a choice and not a leader like Bharti and Shiv Sena. Modi made the mistake that Thackeray had made above. Devendra Fardinavis, according to his nature, cleared the internal rivals one by one.


After the results of the election, when the Shiv Sena said that we would talk to everyone, there was nothing wrong with it. In the heart of Devendra Fardnavis, Shiv Sena was so full of hatred that he would have dealt with Ali Ulaan Ajit Pawar and party supremo Sharad Pawar. If the matter had been made, then the oath-taking ceremony would have taken place as it has just happened. That is, in the first order, the announcement of the end of President Raj, then the members would take oath of assembly and sworn in by the third minister, including other chief ministers, but this did not happen. The Prime Minister abolished President Raj using his special powers without calling for a cabinet meeting and at the same time, with the presidential seal, issued orders for the governor. The Governor did not wait for the sun to rise in compliance with the order of the central government and, in the first place, sworn in to the Chief Minister and his deputy. Shortly thereafter, a message of congratulation was also received from the Prime Minister and the Home Minister on their names.

Ceremonial Oath Ceremony

It was a strange night in which the people were selling horses and sleeping, but the President, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior, the Governor, the Chief Minister and their deputies were all awake. I wish they were asleep too, so that the frontal hazard would not make them sleepy. One was the swearing-in which Chief Minister Puckett and his deputy had seen under Raj Bhavan, and this is a ceremonial oath in the presence of thousands of people in the vast field of Shivaji Park, in which leaders from across the country. Were present. The difference between these two is the intention difference. Dock media generally ignores opposition news.

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