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London Riots or Conspiracies

The UK is one of the few countries in the world. Where the nations are highly educated, civilized, civilized, and justly superior to other European nations. In the UK, respecting the law and following the rules is an essential part of every British citizen’s life. Time constraints and discipline in the UK can be gauged from the fact that at the prescribed time limit, a slight doctor can sweep the British Prime Minister out of the hospital. If something like this happened in the country, then not only would the doctor finish his job, but he would have made an example for other honest officers so that no one else could make such a mistake that could damage the honor of a superior person. In any city of Pakistan when there is a VIP movement, the highways are closed for public traffic several hours ago, resulting in severe calamities, severe harassment to patients and their relatives. Have to It is often reported in the headlines of newspapers that due to traffic jams in the city due to the movement of the President and the Prime Minister, the pregnant woman gave birth to a baby in a taxi or rickshaw.

Civilized And Developed Countries

Well, it was in London that the civilized and developed countries started to produce maps of third world countries in just three days. Was this really an accident or a conspiracy behind the scenes?

Mark Duggan, a six-year-old man killed in a police shootout in Tonatam, north London, August 6, was the father of four children and a black man. Mark Duggan’s death has become a nightmare for eligible Londoners. The name of ethnic riots in London riots would be akin to denying the truth. If these were ethnic riots, why were white civilized people burning government property together with black people? Why were white buses and cars burning with fire in their hands together?

Who are involved in the London Riot?

In the footage broadcast on various channels, it can be seen that the black and white were spreading destruction along with each other in London. According to foreign media, four people involved in the London riot were detained, with more than 100 black people all remaining white.

After decades, Britain suffered a catastrophe in which millions of pounds worth of property was burnt, millions of pounds worth of goods were looted and London burned for three days. If severe action was taken on the first day, such a situation would not have happened. The riots took place mostly in shopping malls and shops owned by Muslim people. Three British-born Muslim Pakistanis were killed due to an open waiver by the police and administration. Including two real brothers who were taking over the mosque’s security affairs during the riots. According to eyewitnesses, the two brothers were hit by a high speed car driven by a black resident, and a few minutes after the accident, a speeding trawler was trampling on the injured brothers, who were driving a white car. If it was a fight between black and white, why were the Muslims targeted, their property and shops looted?

People are spreading Propaganda in Europe

Due to this, every conscious person is aware that Islam is spreading not only in the UK but all over Europe as the negative propaganda against Islam is spreading in Europe. In Europe, employing derogatory sketches is sometimes banned from Muslim women in order to annoy and humiliate Muslims.

The main cause of the riots in Rakim’s opinion is to express solidarity with Norwegian citizen AndrĂ© Berung Berwick and justify his concerns about Europe. He wrote in his blog that Europe’s identity would be eroded by the multicultural and social system, and that 3% of Muslims living in the UK for 3 to 5 years supported Al-Qaeda’s ideology and the Muslim population was growing rapidly in the region. Population can be a predictor of European culture’s collapse. AndrĂ© Yorke called on eight people to prejudice his record. The fires of religion and secularism have engulfed Britain, which will soon engulf Europe.

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