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America Is the Founder and Parent of Corruption

In the eighties and nineties, our Urdu newspapers began to place the American term “corruption” in the headlines instead of financial corruption, and while ending the two democratic governments, ended up with corruption charges. Now the words “corruption” and “corruption” have become part of the Urdu dictionary.

Now lending countries have established institutions like Transparency to check the corruption of the countries. But the sources of financial support for these companies are hidden.

United States and Europe

Surprisingly, the largest financial corruption in the world happens in the United States and Europe. The only thing is that these countries have “kickback” their commission, “service charges”. As given in the concept of “kickback” comes from the West. For Muslims, not only the bribe taker, but the bribe giver, is equally guilty of bribery. Switzerland is the most corrupt country in the world. Swiss banks have the money to earn money through corruption worldwide. Despite all the demands and appeals to date, the poorer countries have not returned the money to Switzerland. 60 million dollars looted from Pakistan is also safe here.


In the United States, the lobbying firms there buy huge sums of money from their “clients” and buy out members of Congress and thus issue decisions against or against different countries. Pakistan is among the poorest countries that have to pay huge sums of money to US lobbying firms on Kashmir – nuclear issue and many undesirable issues. The BBC recently conducted a survey. Apart from the four included in this review, corruption has been considered a very serious problem in all countries. Eighty-six percent of Brazilians considered corruption a serious problem, ninety-one percent in Egypt, eighty-eight percent in Colombia, seventy-eight percent in the Philippines and sixty-six percent in Kenya. Sixty per cent, sixty per cent in Russia and sixty-six per cent in India have declared corruption as the main problem.

United State Tax Issues

Corruption is rampant in the United States, and Americans support corruption in poor countries. Dozens of US companies are involved in tax evasion despite receiving subsidies from the government and making billions of dollars in profits annually, a report from the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy says. According to the report, 30 nonprofit companies in the United States have been enjoying a negative income tax rate for the last 3 years despite making a total profit of $ 160 billion. The report adds that 280 corporations have received a total of about $ 223 billion in tax subsidies. On the other hand, the United States has also been bargaining with Switzerland over the tax evasion scandal. Switzerland’s Finance Minister Evelyn Widmer confirmed this and told supporters that the United States has been suggested to discuss the matter and that we are trying to resolve the issue to avoid any further trouble, before the United States launched a Swiss bank called “Credit Swiss”. The bank had assisted thousands of US account holders in tax evasion, the United States pressured Koswetzland to provide details of thousands of credit Swiss account holders, the United States also had details of Swiss bank UBS’s past four hundred. Has received. Later, the United States and Switzerland agreed in principle to terminate a lawsuit against UBS, a major bank in Switzerland, to avoid paying US taxes.

The basis of the lawsuit was a demand from the United States that UBS hand over the records to the approximately 52,000 US accountants whom the US believes may be taxed in the United States through a secret account in Switzerland. Are paying for it. UBS’s argument was that if it complied with US law and handed over the records to its account holders, it would violate Switzerland’s law and would face penalties in its own country. The day before the hearing began, a federal judge in the state of Florida canceled the hearing on the notice that important points had been originally compromised. So far the details of this agreement are still in secret.

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