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Varun Gandhi’s and BJP’s New Discovery of Chancellor Politics

Varun Gandhi ‘RAW’ and BJP’s new discovery of Chancellor Politics. RAW created another Narendra Modi in the form of Varun Gandhi. BJP plans to once again massacre Indian Muslims through Varun Gandhi

Parsi grandfather and son of Sikh mother ‘Varun Gandhi’ fell victim to conspiracy of RAW and the Hindu Hindus went straight and followed the footsteps of Muslim anti-Muslim grandmother Indira Gandhi. India’s government agency “RAW” engaged in a conspiracy to convert India into a Hindu nation, shook hands on Varun Gandhi’s head to explain the dream of a Muslim India free from Indira Gandhi.

Reaction of Speech against Indian Muslims

Poisonous Speech against Indian Muslims in Pali Bhait. The BJP’s speech on the instruction of Rao from Varun Gandhi was aimed at finding the desired public opinion rate for a conspiracy to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra.

Nehru and the young BJP leader Varun Gandhi, who made poisonous speeches on Muslims and demanded that all Muslims of India deport him as a Pakistani agent, are the sons of Maneka Gandhi, who is also an animal and a bird. Sympathetic and caring for them. What is the reason why the son of a person who does not want to cause harm to the animal by his birth, vows to harm human life by swearing ‘Gita’? Has there been any shortage of mother training or has Varun Gandhi, who has a political need.

Role of Varun Gandhi

There are very few political leaders or leaders who specialize in the style of indoctrination, otherwise most famous politicians’ speeches are written by a formal scriptwriter. And the scriptwriter identifies or decides the letters on which the speech is to be written, the election committee or the head of the political party, whom the appointed politician has to write in the letter of the letter and then make the speech in front of the people. It has to be presented as a loud address while Varun Gandhi is still a disciple in the field of politics.

Indian Election Commission

The party cannot be trusted with such reliance on him that he is allowed free speech and free speech. And it may be that instead of writing a regular speech script for Varun Gandhi, it is possible for an expert director. That is, he has been rehearsed for dialogue delivery and has been regularly brainwashed on Muslim hostility. It is also clear that whatever Varun Gandhi has said against Indian Muslims and the hatred they express. It was not ignorance or wrongdoing but hatred expressed in a purely cosmic manner throughout the senses, and it is possible that the dialogues they played in the yellow book were indeed written in New Delhi.

Indian Election Commission recommends Varun Gandhi to abstain from election on the basis of speech The Janata Party has canceled and Varun Gandhi is still the BJP’s candidate from the Paley Bharat Lok Sabha constituency. The hypocrisy of Indian politics can also be gauged from the emergency that the BJP imposes in India. Against the same emergency, Varun Gandhi, son of Villan Sanjay Gandhi, has become the poster of the ‘Hindu Tawa’ of the same ‘Bhagwa Party’ and he is currently the backbone for the BJP.

RAW Foundation

It is no longer a veil that the Bharatiya Janata Party, the patron of the “runaway” organizations engaged in conspiracies to convert India to Hindu Rashtra with the help of RAW, actually cleared the name of Muslims from India. Who wants to give not only the full support of the same India’s military leadership and intelligence agency RAW but also all kinds of support which clearly and clearly means that India, which calls itself a secular state, is actually the foundation.

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