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London Million March, Movement and Politics!

Former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry has announced the “Million March” in London on October 26 for the liberation of occupied Kashmir. According to the program announced, the demonstrators will march on 10 Downing Street in London, led by Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry, at one o’clock on the 26th of October. ) Jamaat-e-Islami, often met with leaders of political parties, including Muslim conferences, in which they were assured full support for the London Million March. For the past several days, Barrister Sultan Mahmood has been in contact with various British cities, towns and cities for the success of the London march. The total number of Pakistanis in the UK is about three million, of which about six to eight million people belong to Kashmir.

What is the million march protesting?

The referendum took place in Scotland which led to a referendum in the state of Kashmir too. Talked to the Pakistani ambassador. In his address to the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, while raising the issue of Kashmir, exposed the Indian attempt to escape Indian atrocities against Kashmiris and negotiations with Pakistan. Indian circles are very shaky, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in talks with Pakistan in his speech at the UN General Assembly. But then India started firing and mortar shelling on various areas of the working boundary adjacent to Jammu and the Seas Fire Line (Kashmir Line of Control) in Kashmir, which continued for several days. Yesterday, the Director General of the Pakistan and India Forces spoke on the telephone hotline. A day after that, Indian Army opened fire again in Azad Kashmir, which also injured some innocent children of Azad Kashmir.

Protect in London

In those days, the worst catastrophic flood of the century occurred in Indian occupied Kashmir, which in addition to hundreds of deaths, left the valley Kashmir devastated. India does not pay any attention to relief activities in Kashmir, affected by floods, reverses the condition of official ‘NOC’ on relief goods from Indian areas and started seizing goods without ‘NOC’. done. If Kashmir relief goods were sent through Azad Kashmir, there could be some support for Kashmiris suffering from the tragic natural disaster. But India neither assisted Kashmiris nor allowed anyone to help them from outside. In a situation of increasing tension with Pakistan by the Indian government, the Pakistani government could not do anything for the flood victims in occupied Kashmir. ۔

Communist Party of India

In Azad Kashmir, some time ago, a party affiliation council was set up, which includes representatives of all political parties of AJK, as well as representatives of the Hurriyat Conference Azad Kashmir. , But no important and significant work could be done. The issue of the proposed amendments to the constitution of Azad Kashmir has also come under the auspices of this liaison council. But the matter also did not receive any progress. Thus, the overall situation of the party affiliation council makes it clear that the political parties of AJK wish to work together in harmony with Kashmir, the PPP government of AJK. Has used it well for its political purposes, and all the laughter is going well. The assistance of the flood victims of the occupied Kashmir could not even be the subject of the process of the Communist Party of India.

UN Declaration

A few days ago I asked for a London million march on my status on Facebook, so many people commented on it. Basit Awan said it must be, Abid Hashmi said, that the lights were lit in London, Shams Rehman linked to the exclusive web site of Barrister Sahib’s Million March, saying that the purpose of this march was to be a UN declaration. Dad is only to be transported to Indian-occupied Kashmir, it is not fair, because all the state is occupied, Shiraz Ahmed was quoted as saying in a London Urdu newspaper. Linked to his welcome ad, Ibrahim Gul praised the success of the Million March, Tahir Tabassum said it was a great effort for Kashmir. Aslam Mir said that not only Kashmir but also people from other countries, Indian Vatish Sikhs will also participate in the march.

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