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The Politics of Non-Issues

There is no doubt now that the people are being removed from their real problems through an organized campaign. The public debate on the moon issue in the newspapers and electronic media and the breaking up of the marriage of Meera is removing the public from their real problem. Have we not wasted newspaper pages in this debate to prosecute Musharraf, put him in the courtroom, make daily newspaper statements, press conferencing, media foaming? Why suddenly became silent. Did those who claim public support, claim to punish the murderers of innocent children and forget everything in the Hajj and the royal meetings? For four days, those who gave statements on the two Festivals day and night are proud of the remains of Musharraf, or those who are proud of the remnants of Islam, who have served the people or spread further dissent among the people.

What Resurrection Came?

If the people of the border also celebrated this day a day earlier, for how many years has this been going on? The truth is that no one’s authority is ready to be accepted. Otherwise in the Indian subcontinent, the moon would announce from the mosque in Delhi, and through the artillery and the carvings, the Muslims of the subcontinent would get the message that tomorrow is Eid. There was no government involvement, no attitude committee, nor did the chairman have the privilege that he would come on TV and announce. Those attending the meeting will receive a TADA.

What did the debate about Politics bring to the trial of the Constitution?

Just testimony was available and thereafter it was announced. At that time there were no 3, 3 storey buildings and no such binoculars. Still, Muslims kept their ears open on the announcement of the Grand Mosque in Delhi. The issue of two Eidas has never arisen. How many days do we celebrate the defeat of the Taliban in Swat, we do not take pride in the achievements and when someone is blasted then we are silent, do we benefit from such bigots, dirty accusations on TV channels How much time did the public spend? No mention was made of Balochistan’s burning problems. During Ramadan, women were killed in long lines of flour and sugar. did not come. There was no discussion for more than a day. For the time being, news of the actress’s marriage or marriage was debated.

Evidence of Black Water

Evidence for the presence of black water is being sought. But if anyone asks why American citizens are insecure in Pakistan, then Backwater is being recruited as an agent for those who are fluent in Urdu and Punjabi. After being organized in Peshawar and Islamabad, what is the justification for establishing a network in Karachi as well? What constitutes a regional headquarters in Khayaban Shamsheer, Defense area? Now Islamabad police have completed surveys of private residences and vehicles used by foreigners in the federal capital. According to which, foreigners have about 1300 residences in the Sector F-GE and I-Sectors outside the Diplomatic Inclusion.

Why Didn’t Dealers Raise The Sugar?

What evidence is now awaiting the export of illegal arms from a private security company that provided security to the US Embassy? The real problem of the people was sugar. Sugar prices have plummeted. No one asked the trading corporation why it did not take the measures to import sugar in time which led to the sugar crisis. How Sugar Dealers Have Advance Deals with Mill Owners in August 2009, One Million Metric Tonnes of Sugar Was Purchased In August 2009 but who is really representative of the people? If the literate section of society still intends to bring about change today, then this change is coming.

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