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Two Perspectives on the Citizenship Amendment Bill

With regard to the Citizenship Amendment Bill, it is being said that through this the citizenship of Muslims of all India will be deprived. It can only be canceled if it is the case so why bother with amending the rules etc.? This is an exaggeration, but in West Bengal and Assam, which is connected to Bangladesh, Muslims speaking Bengali can face problems and Hindus can take advantage of this amendment. The series originated with the Assam Treaty. After that, the NRC was created, which endangered the citizenship of four million people. If these people were given the opportunity again, 19 lakhs still failed to prove themselves as Indian citizens. If all of them were Muslims, then there was no need to amend the citizenship law, but it was coincidentally that 13 of them came out Hindus. It was difficult for the BJP to send them to Bangladesh or the judiciary, so the constitution had to be amended so that only Muslims would be disturbed and Hindus protected from it.

Citizenship Law

Since the provincial government cannot amend the citizenship law, the central government had to suffer it and that is why it became an unnecessary law for the whole of India. The BJP has deliberately tried to smash communalism by involving Pakistan and Afghanistan in it, but in practice it is of no importance. It is interesting that in the northeastern region that is most affected, Hindu Muslims are against it. Tribal areas have been declared an exception. This means that Hindus or Muslims living in these areas will not be able to benefit from this amendment. This exception proves that the BJP’s assertion that a law should be enforced in one country is hollow. If the law passed in the House of Parliament can exempt many states of northeast India, why not Jammu and Kashmir?

Congress between Parties

The amendment bill adopted after opposing Nagaland, etc., also proved that the BJP which is dreaming of making India all India as a single Indian nation, made it Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Even smaller mini-states have to bend over. Well, most opposition to it is currently in Assam. The AGP, which is involved in the NDA, is also protesting against it. Thus, if the citizenship amendment bill in Assam unites the AGP, the UDF and the Congress, like Maharashtra, the BJP alone can lose power. It is a good coincidence that the Assam on which all this hard work is being done to consolidate power can come out of the BJP. After the change of power within Assam, many worries will automatically dissipate.

Citizenship Amendment Bill

There is a misconception regarding the Citizenship Amendment Bill that Hindus from all over the world will be entitled to the citizenship of India even though it is not. The bill has a limit of only three countries. That is, for non-Muslims coming from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the applicants must prove their affiliation with the three countries in order to benefit from it. Hindus living in Assam and northeastern provinces have to prove that they have come to India from Bangladesh in order to benefit from this amendment. Will these poor people who have immigrated to India many years ago easily prove this? This is not an easy task. Speaking only Bengali or Afghan language is not enough to justify Indian citizenship. Anyone can learn and speak the language. Therefore, it is not easy for ordinary people on earth to take advantage of this by making the noise of the power of the House of Parliament be passed. By the way, what does it mean to politicians that no one benefits from their actions? To them, everything is their own benefit.

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