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Canada’s intervention ‘Saudi Arabia’s Bold Response

Saudi Arabia has declared Canada’s ambassador to Riyadh a 24-hour deadline for diplomatic manners and violations of international law, and has withdrawn its ambassador. The statement issued by the Saudi Foreign Ministry states that the Canadian Foreign Minister and the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh have reviewed in detail the statements made by the Canadian Embassy on the demand for “immediate release”. After that, Saudi Arabia has clearly stated that Saudi Arabia does not interfere in any country nor allow any other country to interfere in its affairs. Saudi Arabia has suspended new trade agreements and investment plans from Canada and also said that Saudi Arabia reserves the right to take further measures to protect its rights. The Canadian currency has collapsed in just five minutes as Saudi Arabia announces deportation of its Canadian ambassador.

Saudi Religious Issue

In Saudi Arabia, Naif Dablagger, a reformer named Raif Badawi, was arrested in 2012 for setting up a website called “Free Saudi Liberals” and uploading content against Islamic values ​​and promoting liberal ideas. He was also frequently targeted by the Mufti-e-Azam Saudi Arabia, including other religious leaders, scholars and Islamic radicals, and was often targeted by Saudi religious police. His wife was also with her husband in the arrogance of the Islamic region. They would sometimes make fun of the veil and the burqa of women, sometimes against the Islamic culture and culture. The Saudi government has taken a lot of patience over the harassment of so-called nefarious bloggers like Reef Badawi, but when their arrogant days on social media increased and social media users reacted harshly, Saudi police detained Reif Badawi six years ago.

Role of International Organization

I got sued under cybercrime and its website was shut down. The punishment for blasphemy in Saudi Arabia is death. There was a strong possibility that Reif Badawi would be sentenced to death as well, but when he confessed before the judge that he was a Muslim and was unfaithful to his actions, he was not sentenced to death, though the blasphemous networking web. The man who operated the site was sentenced to seven years in prison and six hundred whipped. In June 2012, Badawi was also accused of disobeying his father. In Saudi Arabia, this act is also considered a crime. Badawi was punished for blasphemous Islam and for the first time outside a mosque in Jeddah. When the whip was fired, France, Canada and some other countries and international organizations took to the skies and demanded its release, speaking of freedom of expression.

Freedom of expression

All the countries and institutions that screamed at the arrest and punishment of Reif Badawi were the ones who remained silent on the infidels in the Holy Qur’an insulting and glorious, and when protests were launched by the Muslims, they began to beat. Let us have the right to freedom of expression. These Islamist forces do not allow anyone to speak the truth in their countries, and under the patronage of blasphemy Islam, all these countries and institutions become one. The French Foreign Ministry called the arrest and conviction of Badawi against freedom of expression. Similarly, Canada and other countries are also presenting propaganda against Islamic punishments in Saudi Arabia.

Role of a Fraternal Islamic Country

Khadim-ul-Hurmeen al-Sharifin Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz and Roli Ehed Mohammad bin Salman himself are taking such steps in Saudi Arabia and women are also allowed to drive so this is not the real problem. False propaganda is merely playing the role of a fraternal Islamic country and campaigning to discredit it internationally. Reef Badawi, his wife Justice Haider and his sister Samar Badawi look at the Twitter accounts and social media activity, then the whole truth is revealed. The same anti-Islamic activities of Samar Badawi and Justice Haider are being promoted internationally. Samar Badawi has released photos of Hillary Clinton and Obama’s wife on social media, suggesting that these people’s contacts are not inferior.

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