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China, Nepal, Kashmir and Akhand India

The good of the Modi government is that by bouncing a problem and failing it, a new hobby leaves it so loud that people forget the old one. The biggest example of this is the notation that the government has forgotten like a terrible dream and no one even remembers it by mistake. In Kashmir, the removal of Section 3 has been 6 months and ten days have passed. During this time, the government could not get anything out of its hefty claims and this time abandoned its citizenship law. During the debate on this law, when asked by Shiv Sena how much investment or how many pundits have been returned in Kashmir till now, Amit Shah’s status has been lost. In the meantime, after the modernization of the state, the government has done only one mapping, besides placing the people in serious trouble.

Why are the slogans of Akhand India adhering to the last strategy?

This new map is also very interesting in that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was given a part of Ladakh instead of Jammu and Kashmir. This strange logic cannot be understood except by the devotees, why Kashmir on both sides of the border is not together. ؟ On the one hand, Pakistan’s accusation that it has divided Kashmir. Claiming that we will shed the last drop of blood to get Pakistan-administered Kashmir and acquire it and make it a part of Ladakh. Do you see any rhythm in all of this? First, we separated the people of Kargil from the valley. How can those who are not able to afford Akhand Kashmir expect to make Akhand India?

Want to keep the occupied Kashmir apart too?

The government of Pakistan rejected the new map as being different from the United Nations, but former Hindustan Nepal has protested against it. Nepal is desperate for black water to be displayed in India in Pathagarh district of Tarakhand. Nepal has been displaying Kalapani as part of the Darchaola district in its map. Nepal’s Foreign Ministry has protested against the new map, saying that “Nepal makes it clear that Kalapani is located in the Nepalese mainland.” Rejecting the neighbor’s objection, Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said, “Our new map accurately depicts India’s sovereign territories. In the new map, our boundaries with Nepal have not changed in any way. Clarifying the boundary with Nepal ‘continues under the existing system’ and India ‘talks with the spirit of our close and friendly bilateral relations. ‘Committed to finding solutions through.

What could be more than the fear of the Kashmiri people living on both sides of the border?

Instead of being satisfied with the government-India explanation, the Foreign Ministry said, “The parties have entrusted their foreign secretaries with the consultation of technicians to resolve the remaining border issues as well as Nepal in its international It is committed to protecting the border and wants to resolve any border issue based on historical documents and evidence through diplomatic channels. ‘This Nepalese accent is a close affair with China. By the way, it is a ground truth that since the 1962 war with China, the region has been under the control of the Indian Tibetan Border Police but it is not possible to deny that due to the current foreign policy, Pakistan as well as Nepal is far away from us and China. Is getting closer.

Wasn’t it the British policy to divide and rule?

India’s dispute with China is in the Arunachal Pradesh and in this regard, the Chinese government is leaving the country someday. The parliamentarians of the same party raised shock at everyone in the Lok Sabha against the Modi government at the center of politics over issues connected with Pakistan and silencing China’s grandfather.

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