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England: How many British Pakistanis are participating in the election?

Pakistani nationals or Pakistani immigrants continue to highlight the name of their beloved homeland in their homeland. Especially Pakistan’s citizens of England are so forward in this regard that they also take part in local politics, and not only that, they participate, but they also have considerable success. Giving them a ticket and being successful is a testament to their abilities. The London mayor is now a British Pakistani Sadiq Khan. Since London is a big city. Therefore, the name of Sadiq Khan has become known worldwide, but in many other cities, many Pakistanis have been elected as mayors. For example, Lord Mayor of Manchester Afzal Khan, Lord Mayor of Birmingham Muhammad Azim, Lord Mayor of Birmingham Chaudhry Abdul Rashid and others. In addition, the present Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has the honor of being the first Pakistani MP in the UK.

Conservative Party

Elections are due again in England on December 12th. These elections are currently recorded by British Pakistanis in record numbers, and the number of British Pakistanis participating in the current British elections is 70, which is much higher than in the past. The party has given tickets to most Pakistanis. Twenty-three British from the Conservatives are participating in Pakistani elections. Saying that Britain’s first Muslim woman MP, Saeeda Warsi, also belonged to the Conservative Party. Sajid Javed, a key member of Boris Johnson’s cabinet, also belongs to the Conservative Party. Apart from this, the Minister of Transport Nusrat Ghani belongs to the same party in the last Assembly. Kanzer Veti candidates include British Pakistani teenager Saqib Bhatti. Saqib Bhatti is president of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. He has the honor of being the first Muslim and youngest president of the Chamber’s history.

Candidate History

The other party that has given the ticket to most Pakistanis is the Labor Party. Of the 631 candidates in Labor, 19 are British Pakistanis. First Pakistani MP Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar also belonged to the Labor Party, while current Mayor London Sadiq Khan is also from the Labor Party. In the last assembly, a large number of Pakistan-born members belonged to the Labor Party. Former Manchester United Lord Mayor Afzal Khan MP also belongs to the Labor Party. Khalid Mahmood is the most senior Pakistani-born Muslim MP. Those who have been elected since 2001, also belong to the Labor Party. Naz Shah, who won the 2015 and 2017 British elections, is also a member of the Labor Party, and also a candidate on his behalf.

Twelve British Pakistanis have been ticketed by the Liberal Democrats Party. They include Hana Bukhari (Stunn and Cham), Hamira Malik (Bermondsey and Sadrak), Tariq Mehmood (Elling-South All), Hannah Malik (Heston and Feltham), Khalil Youssef (Curley), Aisha Mir from Milton Keynes North and South. Saleh Ahsan, Zafar Haq (Harborough), Waheed Rafiq (Birmingham Hodge Hill), Kamran Hussain (Leeds), Javed Bashir (Calder Valley) and Faizan Rehman (Sterling-Scotland).

In addition, several British are participating in the Pakistani elections, as are the Brigade Party, the Green Party, other smaller parties, and independently.

Although they all belong to any party, it is certain that their hearts are beating with Pakistan. These people raise their voice for Pakistan, Kashmir and the Ummah at every opportunity. May Allah Almighty give them success and all these people should highlight the name of Pakistan by their abilities and positive attitude.

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