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French Tragedy and Social Media

There is an accident anywhere in the world. Social media is very dynamic. Public opinion and reaction is immediately apparent. There is a heated debate on both the negative and the positive aspects, and ordinary people also express themselves according to their understanding.

The horrific attacks in the French city of Paris recently devastated the whole world. It has also been observed that whenever such an extraordinary event takes place, the justification of war is also sought. As the 9/11 happened, the United States had an excuse to send warships to Afghanistan. Or Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, etc. They gives birth to a major tragedy. And then a war begins in which many innocent people are killed.

Attacks on Paris

Similarly, the attacks on Paris have intensified after the attacks on Paris. Apparently this would be considered a war against the Taliban or ISIS. But there is also a question whether only the oppressors will come under the guise of this war. ؟ Will thousands of innocent civilians be saved in a war that has nothing to do with this war?

The policies of powerful countries and authoritarian rulers are rightly prominent in promoting the Taliban.

French DP for solidarity

Regardless of the situation, Facebook introduced the French DP for solidarity with the oppressed people of France. Many Facebook members have colored their DP with the French flag. One party’s stand was that all of this was done for the sake of solidarity with France and humanity.

The world has become a global village and we cannot separate ourselves from it. The Parisian crash is showing the danger of increasing the odds for immigrants. Therefore, the DP supporters wanted to convey to the world that they are against the oppression of humanity. He said he wants to convey a clear message to the West that he is with him in this difficult time. And Muslim is a peaceful nation. She condemns the attacks and regrets them. Whatever policy the Western countries have had against the Muslims, the people there have on many occasions held rallies to express their solidarity with the Muslims. Anyone who is a victim of terrorism should be condemned in any case and whatever method he chooses, he should act.

Role of Social Media

While many Facebook members dyed their flags with the French flag, there was a strong reaction on the other side. Some extremist Muslims justified the attack. And some ridiculed DP taxpayers and called them Palestine, Gaza. Along with the oppressed Muslims of Burma, and Kashmir. He also reminded of the atrocities committed in Kashmir why Facebook did not have any such option at that time, If social media speaks of humanity then why has the double standard been adopted with Muslims only.

It is certain that opposition to terrorism should be at every level. There should be some way to do this. There are no issues. Where the Western countries and many double standards are visible to Muslims is a separate debate. But nonetheless, Muslims in Western countries are living more peacefully and peacefully in Muslim countries. On the contrary, in Muslim countries where law and order is also a major problem.

Border Open for Refugees

France, Germany, Denmark opened its borders for Syrian refugees when they had no problem. These terrorist attacks add to the difficulty for these refugees as well as for these Muslims. Therefore, it was necessary for humanity to try to help the world by forgetting some of the bitter facts and not to alleviate these problems by isolating ourselves.

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