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America, China Stress!

The boundaries of technology, economic and economic race have only remained ideological. In addition to countries that are limited to ideological boundaries, the whole world is called the Global Village. And in this society both black and white sheep are found. The Black Sheep are the ones who have plotted to destroy the world on the brink of terror and power. Including the United States and its allies. The target of these countries is different in every intellectual’s opinion.

Defense analysts call it the world’s highest achiever. Those with keen eye on economic and economic affairs call it a war on oil and minerals, and religious scholars and intellectuals call it a religious ideological war. But whatever the theory, it is only humanity facing degradation and humiliation. Animals hidden in neat clothing and dark skin are not leaving much to trap humanity. The ghost of communism has thrown away such things as truth and feeling from their hearts and minds.

How much of the United States does China own

Apart from these, there are some countries who have learned lessons from their destruction and degradation. And those nations have known that wars do not hurt anyone, but humanity sucks. China is also regarded as one of the countries which, despite the horrific catastrophe seen in World War II, has set an example of hard work worldwide for the sovereignty of its people. On the economic level, they not only think for themselves but also for the economic development of the whole world.

China affect the US economy


In the early stages of which they are conducting the region with their economic development and then they intend to involve the whole world. But the American chariots of “play it or not eat it” are at odds with this economic chasm. Materialists are all, but like the two sides of the canal, the destination is one but the paths are separate. It is a fact from the beginning that when man has rejected the principles of nature then he becomes a target. It is the law of nature that creatures win not for themselves but for the chaman in which they dwell. And that is why they also have a quiet life atmosphere.

What was the US China trade war?

People who share this chamana power stand with them and those who want to destroy this chamana power will be removed from the entity for generations to come. Makes a mark. We all know that economic stability makes countries in every respect, which is why China is going to break the prejudice that America has ruled the world over since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This economic development of China is not digesting the US and its black sheep. That is why he is now creating the same conditions in China that he created in Russia during the Soviet war or until now he has ruled in the Third World.

Why did Trump impose tariffs on China?

It is easy to fight against people across the border when the people of the whole country stand in one language with the government and the forces, but tackling the civil war is a great challenge, as in the case of Pakistan and Afghanistan. In front of the economic war started only when the Gwadar Port and the economic transit project were launched. The United States never wants a country with a more powerful nuclear weapon to be economically stable, which is why the Pakistani economy is somehow controlled by its seals. Many attempts have been made to persuade China not to invest in Pakistan. Today, the situation has worsened due to disobedience to China, a cold war between the United States and China has begun. ۔ Pakistan and China have already formed alliances with other anti-US forces, including Russia, to counter this.

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