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Who wants to have a good relationship with the US?

After expressing with earthquake victims before settling on today’s topic, a very beautiful message with sadness came after dear brother Nasser Rahim shared what he wanted to share, earthquakes do not come because you want to apply the status quo. From sin to good, from evil to good, from evil to repentance, from acceptance of repentance to forgiveness, when earthquakes occur in people, the same purpose is faced by the Lord. Turn it quickly before it happens, good enough to see Nasir-ul-Haman Nissan, following the best wishes and many prayers for earthquake victims to today’s topic.

Who wants to have a good relationship with the US?

It is America’s policy and our intention to do so. Instead of relying on China, Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and any other country, what we want to do and what we can do, each state has its own policies, interests, needs, and some compulsions, instead of looking at the government administration itself. Give it, um However, India and the United Nations along with Pakistan and the United States can give a pop of redness while India is making a serious mistake in asserting itself as a US, India is using the missiles to suppress the struggle of Kashmiris.

They are India’s personal, US-based, Pakistani-based and dependable. If the United States spends on buying war equipment instead of welfare of the people, then the United States has the advantage, can we silence our past in which the British kept us slaves without discriminating against Hindus and Muslims, the difference between Hindus and Muslims was that the Hindus spoke more English.


Of which Due to the fact that English is more favorable to Hindus, the United States and India are naturally countries with anti-Islamic views. It is not a matter of concern that the US has good relations with India. The worry is that the relations between Muslim countries are weak. They call Muslims a terrorist, they do not call a particular Muslim state, a profession a terrorist, but they call the Muslim side a terrorist. Yet the Muslim leadership is not focusing on resolving their affairs. It is a matter of real concern that we should compromise not only the United States but the whole world. Not only are they saying but repeatedly calling on President Modi to accept Indian Prime Minister’s credibility or to restore human rights in Kashmir at least, calling Modi a terrorist, but calling Islam a terrorist and terrorist.

US president accept the first arbitration

The strange thing is that after sitting with Prime Minister Pakistan for a few hours, Kashmir again offers to settle the Kashmir issue; no US president says that Pakistan not only accepted the first arbitration offer but declared it a happy one, the US president renewed his offer to mediate. According to UN resolutions, focus on resolving the Kashmir issue would be much better, the US President on Tuesday called the United Nations General Assembly not only Iran’s largest sponsor of terrorists but also terrorism in Syria and Yemen. The typhoon also blamed President Trump for saying that the US broke a deal to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, we imposed sanctions on Iran after the attack on Saudi Arabia.

The US president further said that the future of the rulers is in patriotism, The ruler thinks of his people, for that everything is his own country, we do not want to get involved in any future conflict but we will protect our interests, we want peace, I am late to protect US interests. A special message to the rulers of India, in the address of the President of the United States, is to keep fighting, keep dying. We are loyal to our country, the well-being of our people and the protector of the interests of the country.

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