Jeff Sessions just blew the racial dogwhistle to end all dogwhistles in front of a room of cops

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In a stunning reveal from our nation’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Jeff Sessions blew a bullhorn of a racial dog whistle this morning while speaking at the National Sherrif’s Association when he proudly praised the “Anglo-American heritage” of law enforcement.

“Anglo-American” obviously is code for “white” – and when taken in context of the historical role that white-dominated police forces have played in repressing black activism, murdering black Americans on a weekly basis, and crippling black communities by funneling huge numbers of people into the carceral state, it’s very clear what Sessions is saying.

American police agencies are agents of white supremacy and they need to keep it that way. 

Coming from anyone else, the remarks would have raised eyebrows – but coming from a man who was literally kept off the judge’s bench for being too racist, serving an administration staffed with unrepentant ideological bigots and “white nationalists,” there is no mistaking what this message really says.

In an unexpected show of foresight, an op-ed entitled “Jeff Sessions’s year at DOJ is a year the civil rights movement will never get back” was published this morning in the Hill. It only took a few hours before the truth of that statement was made disturbingly clear.

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