Neo-Nazis are once again openly marching on American streets

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Middle Tennessee was the site of two neo-Nazi “white lives matter” rallies Saturday, with one rally taking place in Shelbyville and another in Murfreesboro.

Around 160 white nationalists descended upon Shelbyville — the first of the two rallies — despite the governor Bill Haslam saying that they were not welcome in Tennessee and sending a heavy police presence, including SWAT teams and departments from other towns, to the area.

“We want to send a really clear message that these folks are not welcome in Tennessee,” Haslam said. “If you’re part of the white supremacist movement, you’re not somebody that we want in Tennessee.”

Fortunately, the white nationalists were outnumbered by antifascist counterprotesters by around two-to-one, who confronted the crowd of white nationalists, who largely wore all black, covered their faces and brought shields. They carried Confederate flags, white lives matter signs and wore Trump’s Make America Great Again hats. As they began their march, the white nationalists chanted Nazi slogans like “blood and soil” and attempted to get an anti-immigrant chant going, with mixed results at best.

As participating marchers approached a security checkpoint, organizers told them to leave their weapons in the car, but it appears they were able to make it through security wearing helmets and carrying their shields.

This was apparently good news for some of the weekend paramilitary warrior wannabes, including the “shield master elite” (whatever that means) below:

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