If this new report about Jared Kushner is true, he’ll die in prison

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is known to be investigating Jared Kushner for a wide variety of alleged crimes, ranging from the omissions on his government security clearance forms (lying on the form is a felony), to his seeming pay-to-play arrangements with foreign and domestic investors. Now a major British newspaper is making claims about Kushner which, if they prove to be true, will ensure that Kushner spends the rest of his life in prison.


It’s been widely documented that Jared Kushner traveled to Saudi Arabia and met with the Crown Prince just a few days before the Crown Prince began arresting and killing his political and personal enemies, including some members of his own family. Now the Daily Mail is reporting that the Crown Prince is claiming he received classified intel from Kushner, which helped him figure out who to target. The Daily Mail is often correct with its exclusives, but it has far from a perfect record. Kushner’s camp is denying this particular claim. However, what’s going to matter for Kushner is whether or not Robert Mueller can prove that this claim is true.


If Kushner really did give classified U.S. information to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia so that he could dispense with his personal enemies, it would take things to a whole new level. It would constitute crimes against the United States, and it would also potentially put Kushner on the hook for the torture and death that directly resulted. That’s before getting to the alleged financial component of Kushner’s relationship with the Crown Prince, which could be seen as selling state secrets. It would land him a life sentence in prison, and it would ensure that he’d never taste fresh air again, unless he cuts a plea deal against Donald Trump.

So we’ll see what Robert Mueller and his team can or can’t prove in the end. But even as Mueller presumably moves in on Jared Kushner, the publicly visible accusations against Kushner are growing more severe as we speak. Donald Trump recently revoked Kushner’s uppermost security clearance, but he still has access to some levels of classified information, and he’s still working in the White House.


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