Reporter details every single accusation of sexual assault against Trump in two minutes

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President Donald Trump drew the ire of many on Thursday night when he weighed in on the sexual misconduct allegations against Democratic Senator Al Franken in two snarky tweets, but has so far been silent on the multiple allegations of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore initiating inappropriate sexual conduct with teenage girls.

Twitter users also noted that Trump’s attacks were quite hypocritical, considering the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct lodged against him by more than a dozen women.

In just over two minutes, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle summarized each of the allegations made against Trump over the years — noting each of Trump’s disgusting behaviors.

These behaviors included groping and kissing a woman without consent, and then offering her thousands of dollars for sex, putting his hand up women’s skirts in public and without consent, forcing a woman against a wall and sticking his tongue down her throat during a kiss, and other instances of inappropriate touching or statements.

It’s notable that Trump has denied these allegations and called his alleged victims liars, which has led to a defamation lawsuit against the president.

Given that Trump has a long, long — and ongoing — history of saying horribly sexist and objectifying things towards and about women, none of these allegations seem out of the realm of possibility.

At the very least, you’d think someone with all of these allegations against him would remain quiet when a political opponent is made to apologize publicly for past actions. Glass houses, and all.

This article was published on Reverepress.com

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