Rock legend Axl Rose just gave an epic response to Ivanka’s defense of her father’s sexual assaults

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Axl Rose, the founder and lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, usually reserves his Twitter feed for comments on the band’s tours, but he has made occasional forays into political commentary, usually keeping well within the original 140 character limit, despite the expansion to 280 characters last year.

To give you an example of his sparse social media style, here’s the content of one of his  recent tweets in its entirety:

“F*ck Nunes.” (Axl didn’t censor his spelling.)

Today Mr. Rose turned his ire towards the First Daughter on Twitter with a comment that attacked the culture of nepotism that has Ivanka Trump and her husband holding positions of responsibility within the administration, despite the inability of Mr. Kushner to properly obtain a permanent security clearance.

Specifically, Axl commented on Ivanka’s reply to a reporter asking her about the accusations of sexual misconduct levied against her father by at least 19 different women.

Rose saw Ivanka’s haughty attempt to avoid the question and immediately expressed his opinion on what constitutes inappropriate behavior.


Spoken like a true opponent of nepotism and royal behavior, Mr. Rose. Well said!

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