Roy Moore’s Ex-Deputy Attorney General Just Leaked Details About How He Preyed on Children

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A former colleague of accused child molester and GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore just said that it was “common knowledge” around the office that Moore dated high school girls.

“It was common knowledge that Roy Moore dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird,” former Alabama Deputy District Attorney Teresa Jones told CNN. “We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall … but you really wouldn’t say anything to someone like that.”

Moore was accused Thursday of taking the clothes off a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30s, running his hands over her bra and underwear, and pulling her hand over his underwear. Other women also came forward to report advances Moore made on them while they were underage.

Moore has accused the women of being “fake news” in league with the Republican Party, even though the woman he allegedly groped as a 14-year-old has voted for the past three Republican presidential candidates, including Donald Trump in 2016.

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