Sally Yates just gave Trump a viral smack down for exploiting Florida massacre victims

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Late last night in an utter disgrace to the office he holds, President Trump fired off a tweet using the Florida massacre of 17 students of teachers as a vehicle to excuse his own crimes:


The former acting Attorney General whom Trump fired for refusing to carry out his bigoted Muslim ban, Sally Yates, refused to sit idly by and gave the president the stinging rebuke he deserves (tweet below).

Known for using social media sparingly, each of Yates’ 18 life-time tweets has been a powerful force in calling out the grave threats that Trump poses to our democracy. The president’s latest statement certainly fit the bill.

There are connections that can be drawn between the massacre and Trump’s presidency. The shooter is after all a Trump supporter and white supremacist — part of a terror movement that has been emboldened by the rhetoric of this president and the Justice Department’s priorities under racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


But the school shooting in Florida isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s about innocent lives needlessly lost at the hands of another unhinged gunman who was able to easily get his hands on an assault rifle and murder at a rapid rate.

As usual, Yates is exactly right. For the President of the United States to use these deaths to try to sideline his own investigation is, in a word, shameful.

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