Trump attacked CNN after Shooting Town Hall. CNN just released the proof he’s lying

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In the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting, the student survivors have become something of a political football as they speak out in support of gun control. The Right has demonized them as everything from tools of the Democrats and “crisis actors.” One such conspiracy theory made it all the way to the top: Trump cried “fake news” after one student participant alleged CNN scripted his question for its gun control town hall, prompting him to drop out.

Now, CNN is showing the receipts. It’s a simple misunderstanding by an inexperienced high schooler that the Right has taken and run with.

FOX News and Huffington Post asked CNN to provide their email exchange with the student, Colton Haab, from before the town hall. CNN reviewed the email the outlets were provided, and found that they didn’t match up with the original email CNN sent. The content appears to have been doctored to exclude one key phrase that provides context.

This is the email CNN provided.

This is the email FOX news and Huffington Post were working with.


That key phrase, “that he submitted”  is missing. It makes it appear that CNN asks Haab to simply stick to the question “discussed on the phone,” which leaves it open to the interpretation that CNN fed him a question on that call. CNN’s email indicates that it was the question “discussed on the phone that you submitted.” Meaning Colton was allowed to ask his own question with a pre-agreed upon wording kept short for time.

Something doesn’t add up here. Someone with an agenda is looking to discredit CNN in an environment already riven by accusations of FAKE NEWS. Good thing CNN is a professional news outlet that keeps the receipts.

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