This video of Trump’s hair as he boards Air Force One will scar you for life [WATCH]

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President Donald Trump is a notoriously vain and judgmental human being who never hesitates to cast aspersions and insults on people for their physical appearance, including women and the disabled.

Besides the sheer immorality and indecency of this personality trait – one that would befoul the reputation of any normal adult, to say nothing of a president of the United States – the irony of this penchant for attacking people simply for how they look is absolutely golden coming from a man so lacking in aesthetically pleasing physical attributes himself.

The two dollar spray tans poorly concealing what must be horrifically pasty skin; the floppy 1990s-cut suits failing to mask the rotund waistline and semi-truck sized back side; and the comedically elongated ties desperately compensating for phallic deficiencies elsewhere are just a few of the cosmetic and fashion maladies he seems not to notice about himself.

But the most obvious of his self-induced crimes against fashion and the human body is his hair.  There’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that President Trump’s head  is home to hair not of his own – and maybe even not of the human species.  Yet he continues to insist that the well coifed mop above what passes for his brain is all his.

Newly captured video by journalist Ashley Feinburg seems to close the case once and for all, and the verdict is not one the president will like.

Warning: you might not be able to un-see this.

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