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The Lies of Our Politicians


Why Politicians lie

When we, the people, try to contact our elected representatives, politicians. So generally, the statements made by our leaders in newspapers are the closest and most reliable means for us to address them on the radio, on television. It is different, whether they are authentic or not. We believe these statements in full. And whenever we know the style of our politicians in a matter. Even then, we cannot make any decisions. Whether it is wrong or who is right. And we become silent and weep at ourselves, wondering what this is all about.

Politicians Lie History

Rolf Klaser’s book has been on hand for some time. The title of which is enough to make us believe that we are the source of newspapers and magazines. Claim to know your politicians. How hollow and meaningless he is. People kill their politicians and false leaders behind. By the way, whatever politicians mention in his book is mentioned. They probably appeared in Dawn News 2008. But there’s no point in reminding. Rauf Klasra Sahib also interviewed Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain.

There are many incidents, which tell many stories in one case. At that time, the bookkeeper also kept a name in politics. Which is 100 percent accurate. There was talk of Chaudhry Shujaat.

Shujaat Hussain says that after coming to power in 1997, Nawaz Sharif had changed a lot. And the heavy mandate had a very negative impact on his personality and Shujaat Hussain advised Nawaz Sharif to stay away from flattering arrogance. Next, Klasra Sahib writes that Shujaat Hussain told that after attending a meeting headed by Nawaz Sharif in November 1998, Chaudhry told Pros Elahi that Nawaz Sharif’s rule would not last long. Shujaat Hussain says that all the people in this meeting, including the heads of intelligence. He was sworn in on the Koran, that he would not tell anyone about this meeting and many terrible decisions were made at this meeting. Immediately after these decisions, extra-judicial killings began in Punjab and Karachi. This was no small event. Now, Roof Sahib tried to hear from another government official, what did he say?

Shahid Hamid – Former Punjab Governor and Farooq Laghari has been a close associate and legal adviser. The same incident happened when Klasra Sahib asked Shahid Hamid Sahib, who was also the then Governor and Shahbaz Sharif the Chief Minister.

An event which Shujaat Hussain was exaggerating. In the same incident, Shahid Hamid Khattab defied a common routine of rotation and Nawaz Sharif’s policy. He said that such measures are taking place in all the civilized countries of the world. In 1962 an organization Raid was formed in France. Whose task was to eliminate such terrorists? The same thing happened in Canada. The US government has been working on this pattern since 11/9.

Consider, a move that Shujaat Hussain was giving to the Nawaz Sharif government’s termination, that the Nawaz government would end after that, is going to be called by another person as normal.

Who to believe??? The second event that became famous worldwide.

Shujaat Hussain says that Nawaz Sharif took Kargil incident in front of the world and said that his government had no knowledge of Kargil incident, he was lying. They all knew. One time a brigadier was briefing on a cargill. What Nawaz Sharif did not understand at all was that General Pervez got up and started explaining the details of the Kargil operation from Sta. On this, General Musharraf stopped and took a diary out of his pocket and began to record the history of all the meetings. When Nawaz Sharif was briefed about Kargil. Nawaz Sharif believed that his ministerial adviser would support him in this regard. But there was Sartaj Aziz and Shujaat Minister sitting on both sides of the house.


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