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America’s Liberation from Zionist Torture

A new history of equality, the American people has woken up to a dream ignorance and wants the peace and hatred that has been imposed on them as a result of aggression around the world.

Barack Obama’s US Presidential Election Victory ‘The American people have made a black call for independence from Bush’s policies

Why the British did withdrew from Palestine

Thus the American War of Liberation was successfully achieved on July 4, 1776. This freedom he gained against British and French imperialism. Although Portugal and Italy had established their colonies in this “new world”, the largest number belonged to the British colonies. On July 4, 1776, the British imperial sun set, but it was also remembered that the new world was inhabited. The task could not be done without destroying its original inhabitants, so the Red Nation, an ancient nation in the United States, was wiped out by the most brutal atrocities. This task was followed by the discovery of the “new world” by his predecessors, and European nations camped there.

Why is Palestine not a state?

For a time, the colonial governments succeeded in defending themselves, but the colonies later declared their sovereignty, and Thomas Jefferman laid down the Declaration of Independence of the new United States or the “United States of America.” It became a violation of aggression in the history of the free American world when it used its brutal use of power over the defeated Japan (who was willing to accept defeat) in World War II, which had no human history. Could even pilots of bomber planes that inflicted hundreds of millions of human lives in Hiroshima and Nagasaki lost control of the scenes themselves. It was America’s “entry” into the world as a superpower. A historic interior! Thus, all the superpowers of the world have adopted violence as an essential principle. Magarrica’s example was the most horrific and dangerous in the offensive.

┬áCan it be denied that Britain’s status today is not centralized in Europe?

Looking at the history of the rise of the human world, it seems that the golden age of America has passed. After Masit Ezidi gave superpowers respite in the world, his rope is drawn so often that the energy has disappeared or he has shrunk to a limited power in a region of the earth.

And then how can one forget the reality of “Greece where Rome and Rome are all gone?”

After the two great wars of the world, the United States was granted supremacy and what role did the Jewish lobby play in these wars?

How did they create a conflict between Nazism and Zionism?

And how has history continued to live in the shadow of this constant terror for almost half a century? How the American ghost has been riding the internal affairs and policies of various countries but still riding. Think of it, but when this terror went on destroying the country in the form of War on Terror and it began to dangerously disintegrate into its geography with the history of the world, this war became costly. When changed and its treasures began to vacate, the economic system that waged wars over the world in order to gain its advantage over the world itself, lost itself on its own soil.

How do the Holocaust spectators wrap up sympathy around the world?

Zionist groups have been actively involved in the exploitation of humanity and the exploitation of humanity from the settlements of Medina to the United States! This question has been asked repeatedly, which one of the US and Israel has a baby boy? But the fact is that the Zionist lobby has held America hostage for a while. They have looted and exploited America. In the past, these facts have been peeking around the media propaganda that War on Terror does not conform to the aspirations of the American people. There is a significant number of American people who call 9/11 the Inside Job. The coffins that came to the United States from Iraq and Afghanistan also kept the American people in check.

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