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Message to Ghazwa India Conferences, India in Kashmir

If Narendra Modi and the BJP refuse and do not change their attitude, then PTI will help Kashmir in every way. Yes, the Seas fireline does not accept line-of-control; we do not agree to the Kashmir division; Kashmiris should be given the right to make their own decisions. Two superpowers cannot stand against jihad, Indian army will not be able to stay in Kashmir. Narendra Modi has now passed the propaganda era, this is the century of Muslim independence, and Kashmir will be liberated soon. The United States considers Pakistan responsible for its defeat. The US wants revenge by putting Indian forces in the west and east against Pakistan.

Why can’t the Pakistani army go to Kashmir for help?

If the Indian army can go to Afghanistan, then Hafiz Mohammad Saeed is on a visit to Azad Kashmir today and during his visit he accompanied Kotli, Rawalakot, and Chakswari along with the party’s central leadership. Addressing Gaza India conferences in other places. Thousands of people from across the district participated in the Ghazwa Hind Conference. A large number of women participated in the conference. On the occasion of the conference, the enthusiasm of the citizens was given in Rawlakot. Hafiz Mohammad Saeed’s visit to Azad Kashmir was an important need of the hour. With Narendra Modi becoming prime minister, Muslims in India and Kashmir have become even more unsafe.

Status of Kashmir

The Modi government wants to abolish Kashmir’s special status. No decision to crush freedom of Kashmir and suppress the rights of Kashmiris will be accepted. When Hafiz Muhammad Saeed arrived at Rawalakot for the Ghazwa India Conference, a large number of people were greeted at the Chakmani artery outside the city. The leaves of flowers were nailed down and, in connection with Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the loud slogans of Lala-ul-Ala were heard. Hafiz Mohammad Saeed arrived at Saber Shahid Stadium with a large reception rally in the form of motorcycles, cars and cars.

A person whom India considers his enemy number one, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif went to Modi’s oath-taking ceremony. Modi spoke to Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, who met Manmohan Singh Obama last year and then spoke there. Obama also spoke to Nawaz Sharif regarding Hafiz Mohammad Saeed. India and America’s enemy number one, but the eyes of the Kashmiri and Pakistani people, when they reached Kashmir from Pakistan, Kashmiris received a warm welcome like the Prime Minister.

Why the Kashmiris do not welcome them?

Hafiz Mohammad Saeedpuri not only highlights Kashmir problem in the world He has given hundreds of thousands of youth sacrifices not in the Kashmir movement but in the Kashmir movement, where the blood of Kashmiris bleeds, and the blood of Jamaat-ud-Dawa activists unites with Kashmiris on October 8, 2005 in Azad Kashmir and other areas. On the eve of the coming earthquake, I was the volunteer of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed’s Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the first to arrive for relief work in all areas of Kashmir, including Muzaffarabad, who not only risked their lives but also their loved ones. First aid to Kashmiri nation, excluding Dardars.

India Speaks against Kashmir

World media testifies to this and the United Nations also granted the Jamaat-ud-Dawa a complimentary certificate for conducting light-speed relief activities after the earthquake. If Hafiz Mohammad Saeed wanted it, he had once again won the heart of the Kashmiri nation during the relief work, from Kashmir. The Kashmiri people could have confidence in him by contesting the elections but he did not do so, highlighting the movement of independence Kashmir and blindly spoke in the eyes of India.

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